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QST Surveying was established in 2017 by partners Hendrik and Sharon Swanepoel, together with Qld Soil Testing.

We are a proudly Australian Surveying Consultancy, providing surveying services in the cadastral, civil/building construction, and engineering industries.

Hendrik and Sharon have over 50 years collective experience in all aspects of Surveying, including but not limited to Topographic and Cadastral, Civil and Building Construction, Subdivisions, Highways and LNG Processing Plant.

The key to our successful business Plan is our Commitment to Customer Service! We provide a personalised service to you our Clients, ensuring you receive the best possible service by maintaining a “hands on” approach. Sharon is your first point of contact with the Company and being a Surveyor herself, has the knowledge and understanding of your requirements, enabling her to promptly schedule the Survey without the delay of a third party. Hendrik is the final point of contact before Plans are delivered to the Client, he also regularly spends time in the field, personally supervising and/or carrying out important project tasks. No Fieldwork is undertaken without the pre-calculations being checked by a qualified Surveyor.


QST Surveying is Registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland as a Surveyor Corporation with Cadastral and Consulting Endorsements (Registration ID 6604)


Health and Safety of our employees is our most important value. We are determined to operate our business in a manner that ensures all our employees and visitors are kept free of injury.


Quality Assurance is an essential component of our Company. Our commitment is to deliver efficient and accurate surveys to our Clients. We presently maintain an inhouse Quality Management System.


We are committed to minimising the environmental footprint of all our operations. Our commitment is to prevent pollution, comply with legal and site-specific requirements and/or policies and continually assess and improve our processes.